4 Things To Remember In Your Home Insurance Policy

Undeniably, global warming is amidst us now- we can feel it in the change of weather, our environment. Floods have frequent the country, unbearable snow amounts. After disasters, a homeowner’s worst nightmare is filing a claim and realizing that the property is not covered by the underlying insurance policy. I’ve seen a few Calgary home insurance quotes and most of the time, clients choose to sign just the standard coverage policy instead of the ones with higher premium but with promising return of protection and investment in case of disasters or emergency. Maybe we’re just buying insurance for the sake of being able to buy the house or as it is required by lending companies, but that mindset is wrong. Home insurance should give you protection, it should be painstakingly paid and not compromised because of its cost.

To be sure that you are protected with your existing policy, here are some information to aid you in studying your existing home insurance.


  1. Flood insurance is a different policy from standard homeowner insurance

If you think that purchasing insurance protects you from everything, then you didn’t read the fine print well enough. Damages caused by floods are usually not included in the coverage of standard policies. With the recent flooding, many have been crushed to know that their policies did not cover costs for such damage, so be vigilant and proactive. Take your days off to study your existing policy and avail flood insurance. Water is damaging to any property, and you must be prepared for the worst.


  1. Your sewage and mold damages are also not covered by the company

I use to think that since it is within the house, and that molds are natural occurrences then it should be covered by the policy- wrong. Sewage backup or repair is an additional policy in itself and this is one of the limits of a homeowner insurance policy. If you feel like you haven’t checked your sewage system for years then try to have it assessed or purchase the policy. Molds on the other hand, form only in humid areas and so they’re not usually within the term coverage. If the location of your property is in a humid vicinity then consider buying a mold insurance- it should be much cheaper than having it removed every year.


  1. Go for value over expense

Most homeowners forget that the true essence of an insurance policy is to provide protection for the property- it is not merely a needed document for mortgage but a safety net. Review your existing policy and see if your house is underinsured. Instead of filing for its current value, assess your property and determine how much it would cost if you are to rebuild it because of a disaster. There are cost estimators you can hire to create a detailed study of how much you should expect for rebuilding. After getting the estimate, talk with your insurance agent and ask what alternatives or updating of policy can you get that will insure the cost of rebuilding your house. Bear in mind that the value of your property depreciates as time pass, so do not be underinsured.


Be a wise consumer and call or visit Rogers Insurance for your home insurance policies today. If you have extra funds, then allot that to your safety deposit- your insurance money.

Characteristics Of Sought After Home Builders

Home builders can be found everywhere.  Any place or location that requires residential structures to be built, home builders will be there.  Although home builders do not come in ‘dime a dozen’ number, there are still plenty around to choose from.  Of course, as with any type of services available, there are good ones, there are bad ones, and then there are those that you must avoid at all cost.  If you are planning to have your home constructed by home builders, it pays to know the different characteristics of highly sought after home building contractors that makes them desirable to hire.

If you are looking for a home builder you can hire to help build your home, you should know that not all home builders are the same.  Whereas hiring the desirable home builders to create and build your home for you is of utmost importance, it is crucial that you look further into their acceptable qualities and characteristics which make them desirable to hire.  Once you have shed the superficial façade that gives them their sought after reputation, you will understand just better as to what really makes them tick – markings that truly makes them your dependable go to home builder.

Exterior-2Professionalism – aside from following the necessary construction procedures like safety, time management, work distribution, structural strength, material supply, and many others, they work very diligently and take their time to focus on what needs to be worked on more.  In addition to this, they do not slack around, do not cut corners, and do not get satisfied with make-do or makeshift works.  They are professionals in their trade and they always put effort and emphasis on their work.

Quality – the best home builders that have built the reputation of being among the best always puts emphasis on quality.  The best home builders are not satisfied with a ‘will do’ attitude as they always strive to give their best on the work tasked to them so the resulting quality of their work will be a notch above acceptable standards.  Although quantity is still essential in this type of trade/business/profession, the stress on quality that is near perfection is still in their desire to provide.

Work Attitude – it is not wrong to work for money.  However, if you put more emphasis on money and salary more than the work you put through the job that you have, then the work you do is only half-heartedly done.  The crew and workers of the best home builders put more emphasis on the work they are doing which is why they are able to provide you with better quality work.  Basically, if you put your heart into the work you are doing, you will be gratified with better results.

Home Improvement Projects You Can Do During The Weekends

Every homeowner will want to make certain improvements in their home.  Even if their home has been fully customized and built according to their desires and likings, there will still be at some point wherein they would like a certain improvement over some aspect of their home; this may include aesthetics, convenience, usability, storage options, or simply maintenance and repairs.  The truth is that regardless of what home you have, there are different types of home improvement stuffs you can do that will suit your needs.

The aspect of home improvement is vast and projects can range from cheap to very expensive. Aside from this, some projects will require assistance service of handymen or trade professionals, whereas others can be done as a do-it-yourself project during the weekends.  If you are the type of person who loves doing stuff on their own, it is likely that you are a do-it-yourselfer type of person.  If you are itching to do some home improvement projects, here are some DIY projects that you can do during your weekends off from work.

Repainting – if you want to make subtle changes to the interior aesthetics of your home, try doing some repainting touches on some of the woodworks in your home.  Oftentimes, baseboards, cornices, panel molding, pilaster, and chair rail are painted white.  While white gives off an elegant effect, if you want to create a subtle change on how your interior looks, try painting these wooden trims with a strong maple brown color or any type of color that you fancy.  As long as the color is not outrageous, then the result should be just fine.

Carpet – if your home comes with stone tiles or similar type of flooring, try adding a large rectangular carpet that will cover the couch area and another that will cover the main dining area.  Carpets are available in most home depot stores and you can choose from an assortment of design and sizes.  Try getting two that will fit perfectly on your living room area and dining area.  The added carpeting will create an elegant effect within these areas of the home.

Security – the importance of security these days cannot be overlooked.  To create a safer environment for your home, try installing a few security cameras.  Installation is very straightforward and the DVRs interface is very intuitive so you won’t have much problem setting up the entire system.