About Us

The goal from the beginning was to blaze a very unique trail in the construction / renovation industry; a cookie-cutter industry, which traditionally prioritizes cost over quality, corner cutting, and questionable business practices as the standard deliverable – with communication and customer service as an afterthought.

Decided to swim against the current by creating something special that focuses on PEOPLE and the EXPERIENCE as the priority, rather than simply getting the job done. They knew that if they could marry exceptional service practices with outstanding carpentry, there was a substantial opportunity to shine. As a result, the mission “Building Places, Building People” was created and has been the foundation of Divine Construction since inception.

Over the years, the value of this philosophy – having been blessed by hundreds of loyal customers who have experienced their commitment to honour with tremendous care and service.

None of this would be possible without the efforts of an amazing team of craftsmen who work the front lines to ensure this exceptional service is delivered. The team has been carefully chosen for their quality, character and expertise. This is often reinforced by customers through the high praise communicated to result of observing the DC team in action.